West World Escape

This is a module game based off the HBO TV show West World. In the game players will  work together or against each other as different characters that have there own objective for the player to complete. There are also side objective that each player will have to complete to continue to the end of... Continue Reading →



Heist is a roguelike, cooperative board game in which players are specialized thieves working together to steal as much as they can from the local museum while avoiding detection. Heist’s theme is based in cooperative gameplay paired with meaningful choices and expression. The core mechanics of Heist include dice rolls and skill checks, board building,... Continue Reading →

Battle Code

Game Summary  Battle Code: A 2 player - turn based capture the flag board game where the player writes lines of code that moves their pawns around the board. Building up defenses like mines and trenches against their enemy making it harder to get to their base. Battle code is designed to teach students basic fundamentals... Continue Reading →

Guardians of the Galaxy: Race Towards Infinity

This is a Guardians of the Galaxy deck building game, where four players come together to get back the stolen infinity stone as Rocket, Drax, Gamora, and Star-Lord. Thanos is also on track towards the stone. Therefore,  the players will have to stay ahead by defeating villains that stand in their way. Game Design Document: gogrtidesigndocument... Continue Reading →

Logos Legend

Logos Legend is a educational, exploration, adventure game for elementary students where players traverse a fantastic land in search of villains to defeat and treasure to be had. Along the way, they will encounter enemies, traps, and all manner of obstacles denying them progress. Players can navigate around these barriers with game mechanics that tests... Continue Reading →

Fit to Launch

Our game is about experiencing the exploration of planets, galaxies and all around space, all while having fun doing it alongside your friends and family in a party game like setting. Game Design Document: fittolaunchgamedesigndocument If you want to check out our game even further, try it out for yourselves* by downloading and printing the Rulebook and... Continue Reading →

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