Fit to Launch

Our game is about experiencing the exploration of planets, galaxies and all around space, all while having fun doing it alongside your friends and family in a party game like setting.

Game Design Document: fittolaunchgamedesigndocument

If you want to check out our game even further, try it out for yourselves* by downloading and printing the Rulebook and Prototype documents below.

Rulebook: FitToLaunch Rulebook

Prototype: PrototypeFolder

Thank you for taking the time to read about our game. Don’t forget vote for our game here to be developed and made as well as liking and sharing to show your support.



*Warning: These warnings are also stated in both of the Rulebook and the Prototype PDF’s, but if you want to enjoy this game, it is advised and highly recommended that you and anyone who is going to play with you or is around you while you play this game to:

1) Please be mindful of your surroundings while playing this game.

2) Please play this game in an open area.

3) Do not play this game within close quarters.

4) Do not play this game with delicate or fragile objects within the play area.

We are not responsible for any injury or damages caused while you are playing this game. Anything that happens while playing this game is all your fault and we hold no blame because we warned you multiple times. Except you having fun, having fun while playing is totally our fault. 😀


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  1. I love how nobody commented on how our prototype link was broken so it just stayed like that for a week or so and there were just no prototypes available.


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