Battle Code

Game Summary 

Battle Code: A 2 player – turn based capture the flag board game where the player writes lines of code that moves their pawns around the board. Building up defenses like mines and trenches against their enemy making it harder to get to their base. Battle code is designed to teach students basic fundamentals of code like Move commands, If Statements, Check conditions and action functions, in a fun and interactive way of learning.


Set Up

There are two teams Red vs Blue – Each team starts with a base, 2 bunkers and 2 barbed wires to set up on their side of the battlefield. Once the board has been set, players are given their troops or pawns that they will code around the board. 7 soldiers total, there will be 3 Java pawns, 2 C++ pawns and 2 Python Pawns each with different abilities. Along with the initial setup of the board throughout the game certain pawns will be able to set down trenches and mines on the field to make it harder for the enemy pawns to reach their base.


Game Content

Battle Code Game Design Document

Battle Code Rule Book


Battle Code Board Prototype

Game Board


Player Items


Battle Code Check Condition Cards

Example of base layout






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