Logos Legend

logoslegend_coverLogos Legend is a educational, exploration, adventure game for elementary students where players traverse a fantastic land in search of villains to defeat and treasure to be had. Along the way, they will encounter enemies, traps, and all manner of obstacles denying them progress. Players can navigate around these barriers with game mechanics that tests the players’ own English understanding prowess. Consequently, Logos Legend encourages children to strongly engage with and learn various aspects of the English language such as sentence structure, parts of speech, reading comprehension, word definitions, etc to preform well in the game. Come and see for yourself the wonders of Logos Legend!

Game Design Document: logoslegend_gamedesigndocument

Rulebook: logoslegend_rulebook

Printable Prototype: logoslegend_printablebetaprototype

Thank you for checkout out Logos Legend and we profoundly hope you enjoyed playing the beta. Don’t forget to vote (for Logos Legend) here!


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